Statistical Monitoring Indicator System on Building a Well-Off Society and Over-Leaping the Middle Income Trap—A Case Study of a Western Resource City in Western China

  • Qing Luo


Haibowan District (the central urban district of Wuhai City, a resource-based city in western Inner Mongolia) attaches great importance to the operational analysis of regional economy and the application of monitoring indicator system on building a well-off society in promoting economic transformation and taking the lead in building a well-off society in an all-round manner. Through our research, it is found that the statistical monitoring indicator system on building a well-off society is of great significance in orienting the economic transformation to over-leap the Middle Income Trap with the following analysis.


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  • Qing Luo
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  1. 1.Wuhai Municipal Party Committee of Inner MongoliaWuhaiChina

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