The Evolution of EU’s Maritime Security Thinking

  • João Almeida SilveiraEmail author
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Maritime security is a fundamental vector in the security of the European Union (EU). Such importance resulted in the adoption of several strategies that contribute to the protection and attainment of maritime interests such as freedom and safety of navigation, maintenance of supply chains, food and energy security, blue growth, assumption of the EU as a global actor, among others. The EU Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS) is the core strategy guiding the EU in the protection of the seas, yet EU’s thinking extends beyond the EUMSS. This article explores the process that leads to the formulation of the EUMSS and the changing functions that maritime security played in the overall strategic objectives of the Union. It finds that the EU’s maritime security conceptualization was driven by higher levels of EU engagement in maritime socioeconomic development and marine environment protection. Subsequent to perceived successes in its maritime security efforts, the field was instrumentalized by the Union to support and legitimize its security and international actorness. Maritime security is perceived as an integral part of EU’s global strategy, thus, there are attempts to mainstream maritime security in EU policies.


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