Investigation of Mechanical Properties of A6082-ZrO2-SiC Hybrid Composite by Stir and Squeeze Casting

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A6082-ZrO2-SiC hybrid metal matrix composite successfully fabricated by the combined stir and squeeze casting method. The fine grain structure is observed in the optical microstructure of base alloy and hybrid composites. SEM images of A6082 with 1 wt% of SiC and 1 wt% ZrO2 composites observed with uniform distribution of reinforcement particles. Hardness 18.6% increase in hybrid composite reinforced with 1 wt% ZrO2 compared to the base alloy. Izod impact strength 18% increased with 1 wt% addition of ZrO2 compared to the base alloy. Compression strength increased up to 20% in A6082 reinforced with 1 wt% ZrO2 and SiC 1 wt%.


Stir-squeeze casting method Hybrid composites A6082-SiC-ZrO2 Izod test Compression strength SEM images 


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