Research on Damage Mechanism of Projectile Fragments to Personnel Targets in Battlefield Environment

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Personal targets are major and very important targets in the battlefield environment and their casualties directly determine the outcome of a war. In the battlefield environment, projectile fragments are one of the major threats to the target casualties. Therefore, this paper analyzes and studies the target damage by projectile fragments in the battlefield environment from four aspects, namely the mechanism of skin damage, the mechanism of muscle tissue damage, the mechanism of bone damage, and the mechanism of eye damage. The results show that the damage degree of projectile fragments in battlefield environment to a target depends on the velocity or energy of the target penetration, as well as the critical energy and critical energy density required for the target penetration.


Battlefield environment Projectile fragments Damage Mechanism 


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  1. 1.Ammunition Technology Office, Army Academy of Artillery and Air DefenseHefeiChina

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