Evaluation and Strategy Analysis of Students’ Mental Health in Semi-military Schools

  • Min WangEmail author
  • Jintao Yu
  • Peng Wang
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In order to evaluate the mental health condition of students in semi-military schools, this paper establishes a comprehensive evaluation system based on SCL-90 measurement and seven more affecting factors at first, then the relationship between total score, single factor and affecting factor is analyzed. On the basis of the main factors affecting mental health, some targeted strategies are proposed for students with mental health problems in semi-military schools. For the purpose of testing the effectiveness of each strategy, a quantile regression model is constructed to measure the utility value of different strategy and execute the quantitative analysis. Finally, the result shows that the strategies are effective for semi-military school students to varying degrees.


Mental health evaluation Correlation analysis Multivariate regression analysis Quantile regression Semi-military school 


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