Research on Psychological Management of Officers and Men in MOOTW

  • Zaochen Liu
  • Peng GongEmail author
  • Yunqiang Xiang
  • Doudou Shan
  • Ailing Cheng
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The final foothold towards management activities is psychological management on human. From the past course of action in conducting MOOTW tasks, the psychology of officers and men were subjected to severe test, so we need urgently improve scientific understanding on psychological management and further develop the function of management from the angle of psychology, thereby we can guarantee officers and men to have stable psychological state and to keep the lasting fighting capability. On the basis of the present psychological healthy state of officers and men and analysis of psychological capability demand, the essay discusses the path by which effectively psychological management of officers and men are realized from the five functions of management, and this will play certain theoretical and guiding significance on improving scientificity and effectiveness of troops’ management.


MOOTW Psychological management 


Compliance with Ethical Standards

The study was approved by the Logistics Department for Civilian Ethics Committee of Artillery and Air Defense Forces Academy (Zhengzhou Campus).

All subjects who participated in the experiment were provided with and signed an informed consent form.

All relevant ethical safeguards have been met with regard to subject protection.


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  • Zaochen Liu
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  • Peng Gong
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    Email author
  • Yunqiang Xiang
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  • Doudou Shan
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  • Ailing Cheng
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  1. 1.Artillery and Air Defense Forces Academy (Zhengzhou Campus)ZhengzhouChina

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