Methods of Seed Priming

  • Ahmad Sher
  • Taskeen Sarwar
  • Ahmad Nawaz
  • Muhammad Ijaz
  • Abdul Sattar
  • Shakeel AhmadEmail author


The food security of world population depends on our limited agricultural land and the reproductive capacity of field crops. Hence, plant scientist are putting their efforts to increase the crop yield by using the existing resources. Seed priming is a very promising, efficient, and low-cost approach to increase the germination, the growth, as well as the productive capability of crops. Water, inorganic salts, sugars, solid medium with water and nutrients, beneficial microbes, micronutrients, hormones, rhizobacteria, and organic sources are used as priming agents for seeds. Seed priming is not only used for improving the plant growth and yield but it also increases the abiotic stress tolerance. This chapter will focus on classification of seed priming by using different priming agents.


Seed treatment Hydropriming Halopriming Pre-treatment Seedling vigor 


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