Monitoring and Control of City Water Distribution System

  • Shubham Kumar
  • Nishant Kumar
  • Arpit JainEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 989)


Water has been one of the most precious things on the earth from the time immemorial. But deforestation, which led to change in climate, has resulted in the decrease in the rate of rainfall. Overexploitation and wastage of water are some of the contributing factors due to which the underground water level is falling very rapidly, and hence the people residing in cities are dependent on water supply and are facing a lot of problem due to mismanagement of water supply. Lack of monitoring leads to wastage and uneven distribution of water. There are many other problems such as leakage in water pipelines. To overcome these problems, there must be a proper and continuous monitoring, controlling, and planned supply of water, so that all the localities and colonies of the city get equal distribution of water, as well as the loss and wastage of water supply should also be controlled. An application-based embedded system is designed with the help of LabVIEW (PLC) and controllers in IOT platform in which by using a controller at main supply station the equal amount of water is regulated and given to all the localities and colonies of the city, and the wastage of water can also be monitored and controlled, and it will not require any manual system so the efficiency and the accuracy will also be more.


PLC Arduino Real-time monitoring Bluetooth module 


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