Top-k% Concept Stratagem for Classifying Semantic Web Services

  • Aradhana NegiEmail author
  • Parminder Kaur
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 989)


Top-k processing methodology is very popular among query processing in relational databases. The high influence of Top-k processing has been manifested in numerous application domains and database-related research areas. In this paper, the Top-k processing methodology has been adopted for the classification of Semantic Web Services (SWSs). It introduces the definition of the foundational unit of the Concept-sense Knowledge Base (CSKb) and Top-k% concept stratagem for classifying services to predefined categories in CSKb. The Top-k% concept scheme is implemented on OWLS-TC V4 dataset. The outcomes of various performed experiments not only justify the implications of the introduced notion but also reveal the efficacy of classification time.


Concept-sense knowledge base (CSKB) Service classification Service discovery Top-k% Semantic web services (SWSs) 


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