Analysis of Steam Turbine Blade Failure Causes

  • Kale Dipak RajendraEmail author
  • Rachayya Arakerimath
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The steam turbine blade is generally failed due to crack which is effect of fatigue, corrosion, pitting and creep. A various researchers have done the failure investigation of steam turbine blades and its reveal the common failure mechanisms which are revived in this paper. A various case studies are tried to summarize here which will be helpful for giving idea for life enhancement of blade. This investigation deals with the recent various failures especially in the low pressure steam turbine blades which show varying load conditions, vibrations, pitting, corrosion and fatigue are causes for crack initiation leads to failure.


Steam turbine blade Crack Fatigue failure Corrosion 



The Author is grateful to Mr. Hemant Bari, member of condition monitoring society of India for giving valuable knowledge related to steam turbine blade.


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