Thermal Energy and Failure Study of Reheating Furnace: Model Development and Simulation

  • Sharad B. MasalEmail author
  • R. R. Arakarimath
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Reheating of steel is a continuous process. The basic purpose of the reheating furnaces is to heat the steel slabs/billets/blooms/ingots to an appropriate temperature before forging or hot rolling operation. We have noticed that the main problems in reheating furnaces are non-uniform flame distribution (Gas flow pattern and flame interaction), oxidation of metal, scale formation, carbon loss of metals and emission of pollutants. Therefore, because of these problems reheating furnaces have less productivity and high running cost. On the other hand very fast heating of slabs/billets/blooms/ingots results excessive thermal stress, cracks and distortion during forging or hot rolling operation. To avoid these operational problems reheating furnaces should be properly modeled, designed and analyzed by using heat transfer (HT) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques. It is possible that numerical/mathematical heat transfer models or with special technique of CFD can improve and increase product quality with reducing high running cost. This paper presents the current modeling work demand and review on latest trends and developments available in the area of reheating furnaces for computational simulation and analysis.


Reheating furnace Heat transfer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Computational simulation Fluid flow Crack formation Thermal stress Distortion 


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