Stress and Failure Analysis of Aircraft Wing Using Glare Composite and Aluminum 7075

  • Piyush SondankarEmail author
  • R. R. Arakerimath
Conference paper


Aircraft is an advanced and fastest mode of transport in these days. Major research work for its technical advancements such as material invention, design improvement in aerospace industry is still going on. The paper will discuss the stress induced in wing made of aluminum 7075 and glare separately. The stresses induced because of lift and drag are studied. The materials in our paper consideration are glass aluminum reinforced composite and aluminum alloy 7075. The materials chosen should withstand the aerodynamic loads like drag, lift and the stresses generated inside wing. From the selection of manufacturing materials to the analysis and testing, the induced stresses in component is crucial parameter. The work presented here contains stress analysis of wing and result discussion. Two main stresses are calculated like total equivalent stress and maximum principal stress.


Stress analysis Lift Wing materials 


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