Determination of Optimum Height of Small Prototype Model of Chimney Operated Solar Power Plant

  • P. J. BansodEmail author
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This paper presents a research on a small model of solar chimney that was fabricated for taking necessary experimental readings in western region of India. The operating parameters considered are temperature, pressure, velocity, mass flow rate and geometrical parameters such as chimney height and collector diameter are considered. Influence of chimney height is studied on above mentioned parameters. The draught produced at the base of the chimney largely depends on the height of the chimney and subsequently is directly proportional to the power produced by the turbine; therefore the optimum height of chimney is first determined for present area of the collector. Even though the power produced by the turbine is directly proportional to the available draught which in turn is proportional to the height of the chimney, but it is found that after optimum height has reached the increase in power produced is not that significant.


Solar chimney Optimum height Solar energy Power generation Operating parameters 


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