Effect of Prop in Cantilever Thick Beam Using Trigonometric Shear Deformation Theory

  • Ajay DahakeEmail author
  • Sandeep Mahajan
  • Akshay Mane
  • Sharif Shaikh
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Many researchers have carried out the analysis for regular boundary conditions like simply supported, fixed and cantilever. An attempt has been made to compare the effect of deflection in cantilever and propped cantilever beam as it is more important in case of cantilever beams. As many parts of spacecraft, airplane are made up of aluminum which is also thick in nature, we have considered the thick beam and material as aluminum. As the effect of warping is more pronounced in case of thick beam and which is neglected in el-ementary theory of beam, the refined shear deformation theories are used for validation. Theory includes the sinusoidal function in terms of thickness coor-dinate for consideration of shear deformation effects. The theory fulfilled the condition of zero shear stresses on the top and bottom of the beam. To prove the results of the theory, the transverse deflection is carried out for thick aluminum beams, loading considered as varying load for both the cases.


Cantilever Propped cantilever Thick beam Trigonometric shear de-formation 


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  • Sandeep Mahajan
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  • Akshay Mane
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  • Sharif Shaikh
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