A Corrosion Study of Steel in Ferro-cement

  • Kapil GuptaEmail author
  • Mo Irshad Kazi
  • Mahendra Mane
  • Ajay Dahake
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Ferro-cement can be define as the compound material which consist of cement, sand, water, admixtures, galvanizes steel mesh and skeleton steels. It is a cement mortar which is reinforced with closely space steel mesh wire. Ferro-cement is one form of reinforced concrete which differs from conventional reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete primarily by the manner in which the reinforcing elements are arranged and dispersed. Ferro-cement element are not only very thin but also the cover provided to elements very small which may make them more susceptible to corrosion. A number of literatures have been studied and analyzed to understand the factors that can affect the durability of ferro-cement and RC structures with references to corrosion. The present paper describes experiment conducted on ferro-cement panels for corrosion assessment and its effect over the durability of panel. From study it was found that normal corrosion of steel requires long time so acceleration corrosion testing is must to save time and to get effective result for prediction of service life period.


Ferro-cement Corrosion Panels Acceleration corrosion 


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  • Mo Irshad Kazi
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  • Mahendra Mane
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