Failure and Vibration Analysis of Blower Assembly Used for Ventilation System for Life Enhancement

  • Mudassar A. S. ShaikhEmail author
  • R. R. Arakerimath
Conference paper


This paper presents failure and vibration analysis of blower used for ventilation system based on application of computer aided engineering (CAE). The objective of research is to enhance the life of blower assembly which is used to perform ventilation. In this paper we are going to perform the structural and modal analysis of blower assembly in Ansys workbench 2019 and compare the results with IBC 2015 code to check whether the deformation of structure is within the limit or not. The various mode shapes are studied from the CAE results and correspondingly we avoided the resonance on to the structure which is mainly due to the excitation frequency. In this project we are going to analyse the blower assembly under mechanical conditions. The objective of our project is to reduce the weight of blower assembly; here we are going to analyse the mechanical blower and provide the solution/recommendation accordingly based on FEA results.


Turbo blower CAE Structural analysis Dynamic analysis Vibration 


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringG. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and ManagementWagholi, PuneIndia

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