Designing of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for Methylene Di Chloride (MDC)

  • Nilima KhareEmail author
  • Shilpa Dhopavkar
  • Suhas Chavan
  • Gurunath Gore
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Heat exchanger exchanges the thermal energy between two or some times more than two fluids between or it can be used for transfer the heat between a solid surface and flowing fluid. There are some heat exchangers which transfers heat between fluid and solid particulates at different temperatures with maximum heat transfer rate and minimum investment is known as Heat exchanger. The shell and tube heat exchanger with straight tubes and double pass is selected to study among different types of heat exchanger. In different industries Heat exchangers haves many application. In present study the shell and tube heat exchanger with straight tubes and double pass is under study. Task is to design the heat exchanger to exchange the heat between Methylene Di Chloride (hot fluid) and Water (cold fluid). The temperature of the hot fluid at inlet i.e. Methylene Di Chloride is considered 40 ℃ our aim is to reduce the temperature up to 34° and the inlet temperature of the water i.e. cold fluid is considered as 26 ℃ inlet. and outlet temperature 34 ℃. The process is carried out under vacuum. Only the design calculation is shown in this paper. The heat exchanger is designed using kerns Method.


Section of area Heat exchanger parameters Modelling 


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  • Shilpa Dhopavkar
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  • Suhas Chavan
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  • Gurunath Gore
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