FEM for Modeling and Analysis of Retreaded Tire with Abaqus Software

  • Uday GudsoorkarEmail author
  • Rupa Bindu
Conference paper


FEM is used for modeling and analysis of retreaded tire in various working conditions. In this paper 2D axisymmetric geometric tire model is developed with all its components, carcass, plies, belts, bead, cushion gum, tread in Auto cad. These sketches are imported in ABAQUS (sat file). Separate part for cushion gum (cured) is made. Neo Hoookean model is used for Hyper elastic rubber. Rim is modeled as analytical rigid surface. First 2D axisymmetric tire model and then full 2D model is developed. Finally 3D model is developed by symmetric model generation and symmetric result transfer option. Analysis of rim mounting, tire inflation and static loading of retreaded tire model is studied.

Comparison is done between experimental and simulated deformation up to 12 mm at inflation pressure of 0.241 MPa on horizontal surface. It is found that simulated tire is stiffer than actual tire.


Axisymmetric Neo Hookean Rim mounting Inflation Cushion gum 



Research project is assisted by IRMRA (Indian Rubber Manufacturers Association) Thane Mumbai.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringDY Patil Institute of Engineering and TechnologyPimpri, PuneIndia

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