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A combination of the O:H–O bond cooperativity, segmental DPS strategy, and contact-angle detection, etc., has enabled systematic quantification and clarification of the hydration bonding dynamics for HX acids, YOH bases and H2O2 hydrogen peroxide, YX, ZX2 and complex NaT salts, alcohols, organic acids, aldehydes, and sugars. Advancement of the theoretical and experimental strategies has enabled resolution of the solute capabilities of transiting the O:H–O bonds from the mode of ordinary water into the hydrating states in terms of phonon abundance, bond stiffness, and fluctuation order, and electron polarization. O:H vdW formation, H↔H point fragilization, O:⇔:O point compression, and ionic or dipolar polarization form the basic elements for molecular nonbond interactions. Nonbond-bond cooperativity and solute-solvent interfacial structure distortion govern the performance of the solutions in terms of surface stress, solution viscosity, molecular diffusivity, phonon lifetime, solution temperature, phase boundary dispersion, critical pressures and temperatures for phase transition under mutifield excitation.


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