Conclusion: The Way to War

  • Srikanth Thaliyakkattil


The BRI was intended to create a benevolent narrative of China internally and externally. Yet the Indian objections and resistance created a counter narrative to it in the South Asian region and beyond. India’s resistance to BRI attracted U.S to renew its balancing effort of China with India as its core. The Chinese reactions to the Indo-Pacific strategy shows that it only strengthened existing Chinese perceptions of India’s role as competitor and hurdle in the Indo-Pacific region. It also reinforced Chinese usual criticism of India seeking great power status and equal status to China in the region. Chinese also accuse India of aggressive intentions. From the Chinese criticisms it is evident that Indian resistance to BRI led to the securitization of the BRI and it triggered Indo-Pacific strategy. Chinese unchanging criticism of and using frameworks such as “great power intentions” to analyze Indian state behaviour will ultimately lead to conflicts in the Indo-Pacific region.


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