Analysis of Wormhole Attack on AODV and DSR Protocols Over Live Network Data

  • Harsh Kishore MishraEmail author
  • Meenakshi Mittal
Conference paper
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Wireless ad hoc networks due to their open deployment architecture, are highly exposed to many security compromising attacks. These attacks can cause a lot of damage to privacy, security, and robustness of networks. The wormhole attack is believed to be one of the malicious attacks to detect as it can be performed without breaching any key or breaking any cipher in any wireless ad hoc network. A wormhole attack form a tunnel in the network using two or more malicious nodes to replay the data stealthily from one malicious node to other malicious end nodes in same or different network. In this way, the ad hoc networks are exploited by the attacker by either using the flaws in protocol design or in network architecture. So, there is requirement of security methods to make MANET routing protocols thwarting wormhole attack. In this research work, the wormhole attack has been performed over AODV and DSR protocols using the real-time live data introduced in simulator. The prevention technique was noted to successfully handling the attack by restoring the performance of network and alleviates the effect of attack from the network.


Ad hoc networks Routing protocols Ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing (AODV) Dynamic source routing (DSR) Wormhole attack Network simulator 


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