Interactive Electricity Consumption System

  • Gresha BhatiaEmail author
  • Gurpreet Singh Nagpal
  • Samujjwaal Dey
  • Ashish Joshi
  • Nadiminti Sai Sirisha
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Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 141)


Energy resources like fuel, water, and electricity form the fundamental requirements for the entire society to operate. It is observed that electricity is the driving force behind any society operations. As the energy requirements exponentially increase, there is a growing need for reliable and transparent power flow to the customers from the distributive end. One such transparent information flow is through the electricity bills that are generated after a month’s power consumption. This bill does not provide a split up device wise about power usage. In other words, it can be said that the billing system is not as transparent as should be provided to the user. This paper thus focuses upon the various stages through which power reaches the consumer, the need for a transparent billing system followed by the proposed system. This would, in turn, enable the customer to monitor, analyze, and optimize its resources in order to optimize usage and reduce billing amount, in other terms save power. This paper further evaluates the system in terms of its power consumption, various notifications, and bills generated.


Slab structure Power Transmission grid Billing values 


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  • Gurpreet Singh Nagpal
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  • Samujjwaal Dey
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  • Ashish Joshi
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  • Nadiminti Sai Sirisha
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