China’s Road to Peaceful Development: Cultural Foundation, Strategic Orientation, and Double Significance



A peaceful path to development is the strategic choice of the Chinese government and people based on the tide of development in the current era in conjunction with personal interests. History has shown that the correctness of China’s judgment of global political trends, including a comprehensive understanding of the developmental orientations of major political trends worldwide, and rational decision making in light of their inter-relations and influence at all stages, is crucial to the success or failure of this endeavor. By reflecting on the experiences and lessons drawn from the country’s reform over the past 30 years, Chinese leaders have proposed two ideas, “peace” and “development.” In the context of the joint influence and agitation of various complex political trends, “peace” and “development” have gradually emerged as the main pursuits of a majority of countries and their peoples, and is the major direction of global political development. Experience has shown that as its lasting development strategy, the path to peaceful development is adaptive to China’s circumstances and characteristics, and has made outstanding contributions to peace and development here and across the world.

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