Protection Objects of the Ecological Environment in the Yangtze River Basin

  • Jin Chen


In the past 40 years, the rapid economic development in China and the wide array of high-intensity human activities have caused the ecological environment loss of the Yangtze River basin. Although various types of nature reserves have been set up, the area of each individual reserve is small, and many reserves still have many human activities occurring within. As a result, it is difficult to provide the needed protection as the current effectiveness is poor. From the perspective of the overall ecosystem protection in the entire basin, this chapter describes various types of sensitive ecological environments in different areas of the Yangtze River basin, including national nature reserves, aquatic animal and plant reserves, national forest parks, wetlands of international importance, important lakes, scenic sites, world natural and cultural heritage sites, national geological parks, important water sources and conservation areas, etc. Particular emphasis is placed on the need to protect not only flagship species but also the environmental conditions and habitats that the organisms depend on for survival. It is also recommended that, where possible in the future, the extent of the reserves be maximized or linked to enhance their overall ecological function.


The Yangtze River Changjiang River Evolution of river system Basin ecosystem Water resources utilization Floods and drought Ecological and environmental protection Basin management 


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