Case Study 6: A Traditional SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) in Singapore Turns to Digital Technologies for Boosting Retail Business

  • Tai Wei Lim


Goh Seng Ngee (hitherto known as “Goh Jr.” in this writing) helped in the family business and started selling on eBay in 1997. The online service was very popular and business was good at the beginning of the digital age (in the era of the so-called “IT boom”). At that point of time, trust was the key component of Goh Jr. outfit’s success and many US-based customers preferred to pay in cash for their purchases. Goh Jr. eventually stopped selling on eBay due to intense competition from Chinese retailers and the prevalence of fraud as well as the high commission-based charges of eBay and PayPal. Goh Jr. now markets his family businesses’ wares online, using social media tools like Facebook to inform his customer base.


Traditional Social media Small and medium size businesses 

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