Heterogeneous Integration of PoP

  • John H. LauEmail author


PoP (package-on-package) (Dreiza et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:1397–1402, 2007, [1]; Carson et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:737–742, 2007, [2]; Vijayaragavan et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:389–386, 2008, [3]; Lee et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:720–723, 2009, [4]; Eslampour et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:1946–1950, 2010, [5]; Yoon et al. in Proc IEEE/ECTC:1250–1254, 2012, [6]; Eslampour et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:904–909, 2012, [7]; Eslampour et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:871–876, 2012, [8]; Eslampour et al. in Proc IEEE/ECTC:1823–1828, 2013, [9]; Wojnowski et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:2121–2125, 2013, [10]; Wunderle et al. in Proc IEEE/ECTC:372–382, 2013, [11]; Tseng et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:1–6, 2016, [12]; Dhandapani et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:1639–1644, 2018, [13]; Lee et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:2217–2223, 2018, [14]; Hwang et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:343–348, 2018 [15]; Ki et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:580–586, 2018, [16]; Wei et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:693–702, 2018, [17]; You et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:1295–1301, 2018, [18]; Wu et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:1609–1616, 2018, [19]; Lujan et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:2083–2088, 2018, [20]; Lim et al. in IEEE/ECTC Proc:2205–2211, 2018, [21]) is one of the heterogeneous integrations. It integrates more than one chip into a PoP format. In the past 10 years, PoP has been used to house the application processor (AP) and memory for mobile applications.


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