Optimal Cooperation of Medical Care and Nursing Care in a Two-Region Spatial Model

  • Tohru NaitoEmail author


This paper presents an analysis of the optimal cooperation of medical care service and nursing care service under two regions with an asymmetric density of patients. We apply Aiura and Sanjo (2010) by introducing cooperation between hospitals and nursing care facilities and analyze the effects of cooperation on the equilibrium medical service level, nursing care service level, optimal medical and nursing care fee, and social welfare. Results of the analysis show that the introduction of cooperation between hospitals and nursing care facilities increases social welfare, although it decreases the medical care service and nursing care service level in equilibrium.



This study is supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B (17H02533) and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C (18K01632) from Japan Society of the Promotion of Science. The previous version of this chapter was presented in 2018 annual meeting of Korean Association of Applied Economics. The author thanks Seik Kim (Korean University) for very useful comments to the previous version of this chapter.


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