Lenticular Subluxation

  • Sudarshan Kumar Khokhar
  • Pulak Agarwal
  • Abhidnya Surve
  • Chirakshi Dhull


Subluxated lens is partial displacement or malposition of the natural crystalline lens from its normal position in the patellar fossa. Though subluxated lens and ectopia lentis are used interchangeably, it is preferable to use latter for lens subluxation due to hereditary causes. The term “Ectopia lentis” was coined by Stellwag in 1856. Term “Ectopia” is a Latin word which means “outside.” It signifies compromised zonular fibers and is caused by different congenital, developmental, metabolic, or systemic disorders. Acquired subluxation may occur with trauma or intraocular surgery.


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