Measurement of Magnetic Levitation Forces Using Scales

  • Chan-Joong Kim


This chapter presents an easy way to measure the magnetic levitation force of a superconductor using a kitchen or electronic scale. The principle of measuring the weight using a kitchen scale, which is a type of mechanical scale, is as follows. When placing the object on the top plate of the kitchen scale, the weight of the object is transmitted to the spring of the scale and the movement of the spring is indicated on the scale. The magnetic levitation force of the superconductor can be measured using the kitchen scale. The superconductor is placed on the plate of a kitchen scale. Liquid nitrogen is poured into the plate and the superconductor is cooled to 77 K. After cooling the superconductor, the magnet is moved close to the superconductor. The superconductor pushes the magnet with a perfect diamagnetic force. The repulsive force of the superconductor is displayed on the weight indicator. This weight is the magnetic levitation force of the superconductor.

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