Synthesis of High-Tc Oxide Superconductors

  • Chan-Joong Kim


This chapter introduces the method of synthesis of the high-Tc oxide superconductors (YBa2Cu3O7−y) used in superconducting levitation experiments. Descriptions are given of the solid-phase synthesis method in which raw powders (Y2O3, BaCO3 and CuO) are mixed and heated to form a superconducting phase. It also introduce the melt growth processes that produce large-grained YBa2Cu3O7−y superconductors. The magnetic levitation of the large grain superconductors is much larger than that of the polycrystalline superconductors prepared by the solid-phase synthesis method. The large grain superconductors are used in the superconducting suspension and magnetic levitation (Maglev) train experiments.


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