Research on Driving Decisions in Winter and Summer Based on Survey Date

  • Mingxia Huang
  • Haiqiang ZhangEmail author
  • Zhu Bai
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 890)


It is a fact that comparing the effect of signal change (especially changing from green to yellow) on driving decisions in different seasons is a significant way to promote traffic safety. In this study, by using video recording, a variety of data through observing vehicles on four intersections in Shenyang were obtained to analyze drivers’ driving decisions during green countdown signal change in summer and winter. Based on data including speed of a vehicle, the remaining time of countdown timers, and the Electronic Police (E-Police), and a Logistic model was established to analyze the influence of signalized intersections on drivers’ decision-making in summer and winter. The result shows that the stop decision is only impacted when the countdown signal is coexistent with E-Police in summer. Also, both the countdown signal and the E-Police have a great influence on the stopping decision in winter.


Drivers’ decision Countdown signal E-Police Inter-green period 


Acknowledgements and Statements

The work was supported by the Social Science Fund of Liaoning Province of China (L18BGL026) and Basic Scientific Research Project in the University of Liaoning Province of China (Z2218043).

The investigation of this paper was conducted with the consent of Shenyang Transportation Bureau (Shenyang, China), and participants (drivers) were informed of the use of relevant information in this investigation.


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  1. 1.School of Transportation EngineeringShenyang Jianzhu UniversityShenyangChina

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