Model Study on RE Wall Using Municipal Solid Waste as Backfill Material

  • Kinjal H. GajjarEmail author
  • Manish V. Shah
  • Alpa J. Shah
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 29)


In Western India, Ahmedabad city generates more than 4000 TPD waste including 300 MT of construction and demolition debris waste, which is dumped at Pirana site. Such a huge mound of garbage has become a complex problem due to its environmental impact. Over conventional RCC rigid retaining wall, reinforced earth wall is preferred because of ease of construction, reduced cost, and better performance. If a naturally occurring deposit of acceptable granular soil material is not available abundantly near the site for the reinforced zone, then the cost may rise significantly. Initial geotechnical investigation carried out on municipal solid waste of Pirana site shows that it is non-plastic in nature having a higher angle of internal friction. The main objective of this research is to evaluate the suitability of providing municipal solid waste as an alternative backfill material in RE wall by performing load–displacement and load–settlement test and to reduce the burden on the existing Pirana landfills. From this study, municipal solid waste depicted better results in terms of lateral displacement of modeled RE wall as compared to sand, but contrary to it municipal solid waste showed greater vertical settlement than sand.


RE wall Backfill material MSW 


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  • Kinjal H. Gajjar
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    Email author
  • Manish V. Shah
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  • Alpa J. Shah
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  1. 1.Applied Mechanics DepartmentLD College of EngineeringAhmedabadIndia

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