• Yuichi Mori
  • Shin-ei Kudo


Endocytoscopy (EC; CF-290ECI, Olympus Corp.), which involves a contact light microscopy system of 520-fold integrated into the distal tip of a conventional colonoscope, is a novel emerging endoscopic system. In contrast to normal magnifying endoscopy, the ultra-magnification capability of EC allows on-site cellular observation, which contributes to EC’s good consistency in assessing the histopathology of lesions in the gastrointestinal tract. This special function also contributes to the high diagnostic accuracy in identifying massively invasive submucosal cancers (T1b cancers). According to the previous studies, EC provided additional diagnostic values to conventional magnifying endoscopy in predicting the histology of T1b cancers. Additionally, automated diagnostic system powered by artificial intelligence to support the endoscopists’ decision is being developed.


Ultra-magnifying endoscopy Contact endoscopy Methylene blue Narrowband imaging Computer-aided diagnosis Artificial intelligence 


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