Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Myanmar

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  • Qiuchen Wu
Part of the Perspectives on Rethinking and Reforming Education book series (PRRE)


Myanmar, primarily an agriculture-based country in Southeast Asia, has started a series of economic and social reforms to vigorously develop vocational education over recent years. The vocational education in Myanmar comes in the two levels of secondary vocational education and higher vocational education. The government technical high schools and the government technical institutes double as public vocational education institutions. Besides, Myanmar cooperates with other countries in establishing a number of international cooperative vocational education institutions, such as Myanmar Industrial Training Centre, Myanmar Centre for Vocational Training, Singapore–Myanmar Vocational Training Institute, etc. The Government of Myanmar guarantees the quality of vocational education through legislation, national qualifications framework, and national certification and quality assurance committee in the main. However, Myanmar still faces grave challenges in management, capital investment, quality assurance, and school–enterprise cooperation in vocational education.


Vocational education in Myanmar Vocational education in ASEAN countries Vocational education system in Myanmar The belt and road 


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