Intelligent Street Lamp Management System

  • Shimin WangEmail author
  • Yongjie YangEmail author
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In order to actively respond to the national strategy of green lighting, this paper designs and implements a smart street lamp management system based on solar street lamps, which uses multilayer distributed structure. With the embedded ARM microprocessor as the core, the bottom terminal combines with NB-IOT transmission technology, sensor technology, GPS positioning technology, electricity collection technology, and so on. The system is equipped with a good human–computer interaction platform, and collects information to the top-level database terminal with the network transmission technology of narrow band, realizing the effective collection and storage of city streetlight information. Through scientific and effective control and management of urban street lighting facilities such as line control, point control, and spot survey, the intelligent street lamp management system saves energy and improves work efficiency, and improves the modern management level and scientific means of urban lighting facilities. The system which has good stability and can effectively manage the solar streetlights was tested on the spot at Nantong University, so it has a good value of application and popularization.


Street lamp management ARM Database server Power collection NB-IOT 



This work was supported by the open research project of Nantong Intelligent Information Technology Research Center (KFKT2017B05) of Nantong University and First phase project of Jiangsu university brand specialty construction project (PPZY2015B135). In addition, it has also been supported by the graduate student innovation program of Nantong University. The authors thank the three anonymous reviewers for their helpful suggestions.


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