Influence of Center of Mass Movement on Steering Characteristics of Front-Wheel Steering Vehicles and Four-Wheel Steering Vehicles

  • Shuaijun YangEmail author
  • Yinshan Wang
  • Shaoyun Lu
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 517)


In order to analyze the effect of car center of mass on the steering stability of front-wheel steering vehicles and four-wheel steering vehicles, and based on the two-degree-of-freedom vehicle dynamics model, this article uses Matlab/Simulink to carry out the joint simulation of its steering characteristics. Based on the two conditions of front-wheel steering and four-wheel steering respectively, the stability of vehicle before and after the change of center of mass at different vehicle speeds is discussed and analyzed. The result shows that vehicle stability is greatly reduced after the center of mass moves. But when at low-speed, the steering stability after the center of mass movement of the four-wheel steering vehicle is still better than that of the front-wheel steering vehicle of the normal parameters.


Centroid transfer Front-wheel steering Four-wheel steering Matlab/Simulink 


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