Research on Multiple Switched Flat-Top Beam Smart Antenna

  • Wei Liang
  • Xiuzhen LuanEmail author
  • Kejun Tan
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 517)


A novel method of multiple switched flat-top beam is proposed for solving the problem of unequal radiation in different directions of the same beam in the multiple switched beam smart antenna in this paper. Taking 4-element Quasi-Yagi antenna array for an example, the feed currents of 4-element flat-top beam antenna array are calculated by using Woodward-Rosen synthesis method. An improved 4 × 4 Butler Matrix feed network is designed by using the double-layer dielectric structure. The antenna array is simulated by HFSS simulation software. The simulated results show that, compared with the beams of uniform antenna array, the gain fluctuations of the flat-top beam antenna array are reduced by 6.4–25.9 dB in the main lobe, the sidelobe levels are reduced by 2.7–17 dB, and with the characteristics of small size and wide bandwidth.


Multibeam Flat-top beam Smart antenna Butler Matrix 


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