Analysis of Output Characteristics of Photovoltaic Arrays Under Shaded Conditions

  • Hao YangEmail author
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The output power–voltage curve of photovoltaic array under uniform illumination is a single-peak value, the voltage–current U-I curve is a single-step type. Once the photovoltaic array is obscured by clouds, mud, trees, etc., the photovoltaic array appears like partial shadows, and the P-U curve output of the photovoltaic array will appear like multiple peak values, and the U-I curve appears multiple steps, which will reduce the output power of the photovoltaic array. By using MATLAB/Simulink to build the model of the photovoltaic array under the shadow condition and carry out several simulations, we can get some characteristics of the P-U curve and the U-I curve, and summarize the rules. It provides a theoretical basis for the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) under the shadow condition.


Photovoltaic array Partial shading P-U characteristic curve 


Fund Project

The Key Research Project of Natural Science for Anhui Provincial Universities (KJ2017A747).


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  1. 1.Anhui Technical College of Mechanical and Electrical EngineeringWuhuChina

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