Analysis of Cell Morphology, Vitality, and Motility: A Study Related to Analysis of Human Sperm

  • Raghavendra MaggaviEmail author
  • Sanjay Pujari
  • C. N. Vijaykumar
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Attributes such as the number of sperm with motility, morphology, and vitality is necessary for successful fertilization and term pregnancy in a semen sample. Many of the vitality procedures used to stain semen result in coloring of the live/dead sperm. But they are not only costly but in addition, we need fluorescent microscope which is investment of another 10 lakh extra, moreover system fails to distinguish their individual morphology, that play a key role in the fertilization process. In the first stage, we measured sperm morphology with normal/abnormal status using a Papanicolaou stain. In the second stage, evaluated sperm vitality using Eosin–Nigrosin dye which is cheaper compared to methods used for coloring of the live/dead sperm and also measures the morphology of the individual sperm with normal/abnormal status. In the third stage, measured sperm motility along with their paths with identification numbers automatically from a video taken by research microscope. All the above methods are implemented using IMAGEJ (Image Processing using Java) open-source software.





We are thankful to third author of this paper Dr.Vijaykumar C.N, Cheif Embryologist, Freelance Consultant, Belagavi, Karanataka, for the help to get human sperm samples. We have used leftover samples which have arrived to clinics/labs for analysis. Informed consent by patients to use the sample for reasearch purposes was obtained.


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  • Sanjay Pujari
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  • C. N. Vijaykumar
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  2. 2.Angadi Institute of Technology and ManagementBelagaviIndia
  3. 3.BelagaviIndia

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