A Glance Through History of Automobile Industry and Current Market Study of Some of the Legendry Models in India

  • Muthu Ajay
  • Sridhar Kannan
  • P. Prem NarayanEmail author
  • R. Deepak Suresh Kumar
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India is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. The automobile industry in India accounts for 7.1% of country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The two-wheeler segment with 81% market share is the leader of the Indian automobile industry. Indian automobile history began from 1897–1898. Now we can see almost all world brand vehicles in Indian market along with its own products. But major portion of customers still love the oldest models especially two-wheelers like Yamaha RX 100, Yezdi Roadking, Samurai, Bajaj Chetak, Rajadoot, etc. And they believe some of the brands are symbol of legacy and status. This is analyzed by conducting a literature survey, market study and successful market of manufacturers who preserve older design, appearance, etc. The journal concludes with an eye on future of some legendry models when regenerated incorporating latest technologies and scope of a company to find market if considered models are regenerated.


Indian automobile industry Legendry models Vintage vehicles Market study Market survey 


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  • Sridhar Kannan
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  • P. Prem Narayan
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  • R. Deepak Suresh Kumar
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