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Qatar’s Response to the Crisis: Public Diplomacy as a Means of Crisis Management

  • Hamad Al-Muftah
Part of the Contemporary Gulf Studies book series (CGS)


In the next chapter, Al-Muftah explains at how Qatar has employed public diplomacy to handle the crisis and counter the war by narrative waged by the quartet. This chapter intends to show how public diplomacy in its various dimensions has been employed by Qatar to maximize its soft power to win over the hearts and minds in the Western public sphere in what could be defined as a war over narratives. This chapter particularly focuses on the utility of public diplomacy as a force multiplier of conventional diplomacy, to pave the way for de-securitizing the issue of Qatar’s alleged terror finance and amicable relationship with Iran to counter what the blockading countries, and the United Arab Emirates especially, had tried to frame as an extraordinary security issue. Al-Muftah concludes that Qatar has been rather successful in undermining the allegations, which had served as justification by its neighbours to impose the blockade.


Public diplomacy Crisis management Soft power Securitization Qatar Gulf crisis 

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