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Iran and Qatar: A Forced Rapprochement

  • Sébastien Boussois
Part of the Contemporary Gulf Studies book series (CGS)


In this chapter Boussois looks at the role of Iran amid the ongoing Gulf Crisis. As the Gulf Cooperation Council, once conceived as a bulwark against a post-revolutionary Iran, increasingly degenerates into a divided intergovernmental forum, Iran appears to benefit from Gulf disunity. In face of a joint Saudi-UAE-led initiative to reconsolidate the Gulf around their narratives, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman might be more inclined to develop their own autonomous policy towards the Islamic Republic. This chapter will look at how Iran might be able to develop new relationships on the Arab side of the Gulf. Nonetheless, although providing Qatar with an umbilical cord amid the embargo, the small emirate has not opted to further integrate policies with Iran beyond the dimensions of trade and hydrocarbon exploration. The question then is whether Iran can actually develop a new more sustainable relationship with its Arab neighbours as the GCC remains divided.


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