Appendix Two Chinese Stage Performances and Film Productions of Ibsen’s Plays

  • Kwok-kan Tam


Ren Mingyang shiyan jutuan 任明煬實驗劇團 and Ibsen International. Spoken drama. Director: Ren Mingyang 任明煬. Title of performance: Ai de xiju 愛的喜劇 [Love’s comedy]. Based on Chinese translation by Lin Xianghua 林驤華. Actors: Mi Le 米樂, Wen Ming 文明, Wu Zi 武姿, Zhang Haolun 張皓倫, Wen Xiaoying 文小影. Venue of performance: Penghao Theatre, Beijing 北京蓬蒿劇場. Dates of performance: 2015. Toured to different places in China in 2016 and 2017.

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