Single-Frequency Active Fiber Lasers

  • Zhongmin Yang
  • Can Li
  • Shanhui Xu
  • Changsheng Yang
Part of the Optical and Fiber Communications Reports book series (OFCR, volume 8)


As discussed in the previous chapter, the cavity length of a single-frequency fiber laser should be short enough (i.e., few centimeters) to realize a wide mode spacing for stable operation. Nevertheless, this in term requires the optical gain of the laser to be significant for high-efficiency operation. Since the doping concentration of rare-earth ions in general silica fiber is limited owing to the unwanted cluster formation phenomena, other glass hosts are required to overcome this limitation. In this chapter, we first introduce the multicomponent glass fiber as the doping host of rare-earth ions, enabling heavy doping concentration and significantly improved optical gain. With the newly developed active fiber, high-power operation of a single-frequency fiber laser is afterward discussed. An inevitable problem risen by high-power lasing is the thermal effect, which is then discussed in the third section. Subsequently, the thermal effect-induced laser noise is also discussed together with the coupling effect between frequency and intensity noise and amplified spontaneous emission noise, which are considerable in a high-gain fiber laser.


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  • Can Li
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  • Shanhui Xu
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