Fundamental Principle and Enabling Technologies of Single-Frequency Fiber Lasers

  • Zhongmin Yang
  • Can Li
  • Shanhui Xu
  • Changsheng Yang
Part of the Optical and Fiber Communications Reports book series (OFCR, volume 8)


In this chapter, we focus on the fundamental principle and enabling technologies of single-frequency fiber lasers. Essentially, the strategy is to implement a narrow band-pass filter to guarantee a single longitudinal mode oscillating in a laser cavity. In this way, the oscillation mode spacing of the cavity should be wide enough to alleviate the requirement on the filter and, more importantly, to realize a more stable single-frequency laser operation. We therefore first introduce the principle of single-frequency lasing and then the important properties of this type of lasers, as well as the corresponding characterizing method. After that, the cavity design of single-frequency fiber lasers is discussed, in terms of representative linear and ring cavity structures and other schemes leveraging different fiber optical filtering effect. Finally, we discuss different cavity designs that enable advanced laser performances such as linearly polarized operation, linewidth and noise suppression, continuous wavelength tuning, and frequency modulation.


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