Deep Learning in Big Data and Internet of Things

  • Dimpal TomarEmail author
  • Pradeep TomarEmail author
  • Gurjit KaurEmail author
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Due to constant escalation in the pace of information technology, the potential of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT). Data induce high focus in data science field. As in IoT, large number of smart devices generate or collect enormous amount of data, over the period of time for various domain. However, IoT are basically one of the main source for the generation of big data. This massive volume of data contains valuable information upon which many organizations applying analytics for bang into future technology and favorable for business analysis and decision-making. Deep Learning is the high focus of advanced machine learning and facilitating analytics in various territories of Big Data and IoT by extracting complex feature abstraction or representation from different forms of data through hierarchical process. This review paper putting a focus on the overview of unique and modern technique of machine learning i.e. Deep Learning followed by a detailed consideration on models and algorithms. We also try to cover frameworks, opted for implementing Deep Learning and their use in various Big Data and IoT applications. We also investigate various Deep Learning applications in the realm of Big Data and IoT. Further try to incorporate challenges in several areas of Big Data and IoT. Finally, we conclude this work along with the future work.


Big data Deep learning IoT 


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