Disability and Ukrainian Urban Space

  • Galyna KorniyenkoEmail author
  • Inna Kovalyshena
  • Dmytro Schebetyuk


This chapter discusses the accessibility of public spaces for people with disabilities in Ukraine and their integration into Ukrainian society. Data were collected from open sources, local Ukrainian newspapers, building standards manuals, legislative acts, and interviews of disability rights activists in Ukraine. The chapter includes photographs of public spaces in Ukraine (accessible or not), such as sidewalks, building entrances, and playgrounds. It also includes stories of disability advocates and examples of actions taken by civil society. It includes the following sections: Traditional Ukrainian Views about Disability, Current Ukrainian Disability Rights Legislation and United Nations Conventions, Current Building Norms and Their Implementation, Changing Attitudes Toward Individuals with Disabilities and Their Integration into Urban Space, Stories of Five Disability Rights Activists in Ukraine, and Conclusion.

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  • Galyna Korniyenko
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  • Inna Kovalyshena
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  • Dmytro Schebetyuk
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  1. 1.City and Regional Planning PhD Program, Knowlton School of ArchitectureOhio State UniversityColumbusUSA
  2. 2.Department of History, Ethnology and LawVinnitsa State Pedagogical UniversityVinnytsiaUkraine
  3. 3.Dostupno.UAKievUkraine

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