Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of Ti46Zr20V12Cu5Be17 In Situ Metallic Glass Matrix Composites in HCl Solutions

  • Fan YangEmail author
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The electrochemical corrosion properties of in situ Ti46Zr20V12Cu5Be17 metallic glass matrix composites (MGMCs) in HCl solutions have been investigated. The EDS results show that the decrease of protection properties of passive film is caused by reduction of element content of Ti and Zr in passive film, leading to the acceleration of corrosion rate with the increase in of HCl solution concentration. The SEM results indicate that a galvanic effect between matrix and crystalline results in prior dissolution of matrix. With the increasing of Cl ion concentration, the corrosion-induced damage on sample surface augments and crystalline dendrites are completely revealed.


In situ MGMCs Corrosion behavior Passive film 


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