Analysis of Block-Level Data Deduplication on Cloud Storage

  • L. SureshEmail author
  • M. A. Bharathi
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Data storage in the cloud is of prime importance for organizations, individuals, business as the storage of data is increasing exponentially. In the modern era, multiple data blocks of files across the sectors of storage disk are duplicated. Deduplication is a common technique for reducing a large amount of duplicate data. Deduplication storage optimization technique is an efficient method of reducing the chunks with pointer address mapping single instance across the storage data disk. Network transfer protocol for deduplication is major impact factor for performance. Network bandwidth, disk storage optimizations are parameters for real time data transfer in the deduplication protocol. In this analysis, we are examining the secure deduplication on cloud storage data on fixed block level and file level deduplication with new Protocol for transferring the data to cloud storage. Client–Server data transfer model architecture for deduplication technique will be analyzed for the new protocol data transfer.


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