Perspectives of Seaweed as Organic Fertilizer in Agriculture

  • B. L. Raghunandan
  • R. V. Vyas
  • H. K. Patel
  • Y. K. Jhala


Seaweeds are the important marine resources available at negligible cost and rich in diverse bioactive compounds like lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, phytohormones, osmoprotectants, mineral nutrients and antimicrobial compounds. They are key component in food, feed, and medicine since ancient times. Recent trend of organic farming has exploited the possible application of seaweed as organic/bio-fertilizer in agriculture. Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of seaweed in enhancing the plant growth and productivity. Added to this they are known to be a promising soil conditioner, protect the plants under abiotic and biotic stress and increase plant resistance against pest and diseases. In this chapter an attempt has been made to highlight the scientific progress on usefulness of seaweed in the context of utilization in agriculture as organic fertilizer and prospects for further research and use.


Seaweeds Organic farming Soil conditioner Stress Resistance 


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